The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on “Labour, Welfare and Social Rights in Europe” (LAWESRE) aims to stimulate research, reflections, teaching and social innovation in a particular field of European integration studies, i.e. the newly proclaimed EU Social Pillar which involves Labour markets, Welfare systems, Social Rights and the Socio-economic sustainability.

In relation to the objectives of Erasmus + for Jean Monnet, the proposal aims at reaching the following objectives:

Promotion excellence in research and teaching EU studies, in particular, in the field of the EU Social Pillar (Labour, Welfare and Social rights), developing synergies between various disciplines and resources in European Union studies, creating connections among Jean Monnet actions (chairs, modules, projects, networks, Centres of Excellence) in Rome and in the Region, joint transnational activities, and structural links with academic institutions in other countries.

Fostering the dialogue between the academic world and policy makers, the Jean Monnet Centre will also explore policies and new solutions beyond the academic context. Civil society will be involved, as well as social parties, citizens, political authorities and non-governmental organizations at least. Students, young people, academicians, need to interact with the practitioners, politicians and also with the stakeholders involved in the social process, in order to better understand the dynamics and to find, through bottom up approaches, creative solutions and innovation in social systems.

Finally, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence aims to be a major reference point in Europe for social policies, social innovation and innovative suggestions aiming at social inclusion within the context of European integration and of the new EU Social Pillar, for the new issues of our economies such as migration, globalization, ageing population, innovation, climate change, inequality, poverty, gender issues, unemployment, precarious jobs, youth exclusion.